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Meditation & Mindfulness

Silent Meditation

Fiona Johnston & Annette Jarrett
Do you sometimes long for silence, quiet rest and a time to be still? Come to our weekly silent meditation.

Wednesday Starts 1/2
Cost: Gold coins
Women & men
Code 298

Buddhist Meditation

Celia Karpfen
We are a non-denominational group who meet for qigong, dharma talks, sitting and walking meditation and discussion. Our practice is influenced by mindfulness and commitment to a spiritual journey. Participants are encouraged to see themselves as their own spiritual authority.
8/1, 12/2, 12/3, 9/4,14/5, 11/6, 9/7, 13/8, 10/9, 8/10, 12/11, 10/12
Cost: F$6 C$4
Women & men
Code 253

Mindfulness Practice

Barb Hancock

Secular mindfulness/compassion meditation - 2 guided practices of 25 min each followed by open discussion. Will include connecting to the breath, open awareness of sounds & thoughts & body scan to assist in developing increased clarity, balance & joy in everyday life. No experience is necessary.

Tuesday 7/2, 7/3, 4/4, 2/5, 6/6, 4/7, 1/8, 5/9, 3/10 7/11, 5/12
9.30 am - 11.00am
Cost: F$10 C$5
Women & men
Code 423

Voice & Movement

Sophia Singers

Margaret May
Come and explore the beauty of women’s spirit through song. Build skills, confidence and community in a fun and positive environment. Newcomers welcome!
Click here to know more about Sophia Singers

Starts 14/2
Cost: $10 Members $8
Code 337

Circle Dancing for Health & Wellbeing

Marisa Ala Dea

Meaningful, joyful and uplifting, Circle Dance combines easy to learn dance steps with music from around the world. Previous dance experience not required & all women welcome from beginners to beyond! Weekly during school terms.

Wednesday Starts 1/2
Cost: : F$15 C$12 MF$13.50 MC$10.80
Code 263

Sunday Circle Dancing

Lyn Porter
Circle Dancing on a Sunday afternoon is a wonderful way to de-stress & re-fresh for the week ahead and to enjoy the peace, contentment & connectedness often missing from our busy lives. No dance experience necessary. All welcome.

Sunday 12/2, 2/4, 7/5, 4/6, 2/7, 6/8, 10/9, 8/10, 5/11, 3/12
Cost: F$15 C$12 MF$13.50 MC$10.80
Women & men
Code 374

Storytelling & Sacred Dance

Marisa Ala Dea
Together we create a safe, respectful space for the purpose of witnessing, honouring & celebrating a woman's life. Each month, a different woman will take on the role of storyteller & narrate her own life journey. Each session will begin & end with Sacred Dance & Meditative Movement & there will be a short break for shared afternoon tea.

Registrations Essential for this event

Sundays 26/3, 23/4, 21/5, 25/6, 23/7, Fridays 25/8, 22/9, Sundays 22/10, 19/11
Cost $10 per session
Code 471

Connect Play Create

Trish Fairley
Fun, creative and playful, using the improvisational tools of InterPlay, we move our bodies, tell stories, use our voices and create stillness, It's a great way to connect with others, live more lightly and experience grace.

Tuesday 21/2, 21/3, 18/4, 15/5, 20/6, 18/7, 15/8, 19/9, 17/10, 21/11
Cost: F$12 C$10 MF$10.80 MC$8
Code 221

The Dancing Bookclub

Lyn Porter
Participants review books by Oriah Mountain Dreamer & 2 children's classics. Come once or many times & enjoy this unique dance/discussion experience. All dances carefully taught. NO dance experience needed. Pre-reading preferred but not essential.

Orian Mountain Dreamer: 25/2The Dance, 8/4The Invitation,18/11 The Call
Children's Classics: 24/6 Momo by Michael Ende,26/8 The Little Prince by Anotoine de Saint-Exupery

Cost: F$25 C$20 MF$22.50 MC$18 per session
Code 461

Sophia Players

Tess Gibson & Anna Pike (local actor)
Build confidence & communication skills through the development of voice, movement, role-play & improvisation. Play & poetry readings with a playful approach to interact with & explore those texts. You may need committment & a little courage to take that first step but if there is a Portia, a Puck or even just a mischevious imp inside - let her out to play!

Monday 24/4 then in 3 blocks starting 3/7,
Cost: $5, conc $3

Reading & Writing

Women Writing

Jenny Wightman
Do you like to write? You don’t have to be a published author or a formidable wordsmith to join this group of women who meet to explore their experience of life through writing. Anyone with an interest in writing is most welcome!

Group A: Tuesday 21/2, 21/3, 18/4, 15/5, 20/6, 18/7, 15/8, 19/9, 17/10, 21/11
Group B: Tuesday 13/6, 11/7, 8/8, 12/9, 10/10, 14/11
Cost: F$5 C$3
Code 002

Exploring Feminist Liberation Theologies

Angela Moloney
A lively discussion group looking at current writings of feminist liberation theologies from around the world. Come and share their insights and challenges. All you need is an eagerness to discover how ‘God-Talk’ that begins with women’s experiences, changes how we understand ourselves, the world and the Sacred. New members welcome!
Tuesday 28/2, 28/3, 2/5, 30/5, 27/6, 25/7, 22/8, 26/9, 24/10, 28/11
10.30 am - 12.00am
Cost: F$5 C$3
Code 218

Women with Spirit

Kizzie Rankine & Ruby Worthy

A monthly gathering to share our hopes & dreams, through finding our voices, developing our sense of belonging & sisterhood and sharing stories, art, music or dance. It is a safe, confidential space & all women are welcome.

Fri 27/1, Sun 26/2, Tues 28/3, Wed 26/4, Thurs 25/5, Sat 24/6, Sun 23/7, Tues 22/8, Thurs 21/9, 19/10, Sat 18/11, Mon 18/12
Cost: F$20 C$15 per session
Code 469

Womens's Poetry Circle

Judith Haines
This is a supportive group of women poets who meet to share their poetry, develop writing skills, experiment with style and enjoy a creative group process. The format includes writing workshops and guest readers.

Saturday 11/2, 8/4, 10/6, 12/8, 14/10, 9/12
Cost: F$5, F$3

Community Groups

English Classes for Refugee Women

These classes provide English tuition and practical life skills for refugee women and others not able to access alternative classes. Supportive environment with child-minding provided. Weekly during school terms.
Wednesday Starts 8/2
10.00am-12.30pm | No cost

Grow Your Food & Save the Earth

Jacqui Cookes, Pauline Muir & Maryanne Sanders
An enthusiastic group who share the joys and frustrations of growing food in changing climatic conditions. These sessions focus on sharing information and experience, alternated with visits to gardens. Newcomers most welcome! First session at Sophia.
Tuesday 28/2, 28/3, 2/5, 23/5, 27/6, 25/7, 22/8, 26/9, 24/10, 28/11
1.45-3.45 pm
Cost: F45 C$3
Women & Men

Nurturing Friendships, Sharing Stories

Maureen O'Connell, Elaine MacFarlane & Sophia Vogt

These gatherings are focused on those with a disability or disadvantage. Come, connect, make new friends and share stories over a light lunch. Carers and friends welcome too!

Tuesday 28/3, 13/6, 25/7, 26/9, 28/11
Cost: None
Women & Men

Grief's Journey

A monthly support group for younger adults who have lost their spouse/partner. The group aims to provide support following the untimely death of a partner in a nurturing environment of shared experiences, empathy & understanding.

Wednesday 1/2, 1/3, 5/4, 3/5, 7/6, 5/7, 2/8, 6/9 4/10, 1/11, 6/12
Cost: F$5 C$3
Women & men
Code 320

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