About Sophia

An Experience

At Sophia, women find kindred spirits, respect, sanctuary, inspiration and challenge.
A Place

Nestled in the shade of a generous Moreton Bay fig, the building reflects a spirit of peace, beauty and harmony.
A Symbol

Sophia is carried in the hearts of many women as a sacred space where their experience is affirmed and they encounter wisdom and justice.
A Sign

Sophia began in 1991 as a result of the far-sighted vision of the Holy Cross Dominican Sisters in SA. Sophia has now become Sophia Ecumenical Feminist Spirituality Inc and is sustained by the work of dedicated volunteer staff. Women from diverse backgrounds participate in a wide range of activities.


...embodying Sophia Wisdom Energy...
Her energy emanates from the triple spiral
flowing through, animating and nurturing
the Earth, Humanity and...All of Creation.

Artist: Gail Donovan, 2015.

Sophia is a purpose built spiral shaped
centre on Cross Road, Cumberland Park in Adelaide, South Australia.

The Sophia Story

What specifically does Sophia offer?

We have a full calendar of events and workshops plus regular activities like:

  • creative writing

  • singing; circle dancing

  • social justice activities

  • feminist spiritualities and theologies

  • English classes for refugee women

  • women writing retreats and spiritual companioning

  • meditation

  • embodied spirituality through InterPlay

  • yoga

  • mindfulness

  • counselling

Why is it named Sophia?
In late 1990 when our new building was almost complete a group of Dominican Sisters discussed how we might name this new space. Many names were suggested until someone said “Let’s name it Sophia”. A resonance of recognition was felt in the group.

We had recently rediscovered the vibrant personification in the Hebrew scriptures of SOPHIA, Woman Wisdom. She is the 'breath of the power of God, and a pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty ...She is but one [and] she can do all things.' [Wisdom 7:25,2]

We had uncovered and reclaimed the Sophia imagery in the Christian scriptures. The texts tell us that Jesus had come as Sophia’s envoy, as Sophia’s child, as Sophia-God made flesh among us. We were also aware that Sophia was a name for Divinity for peoples beyond Judaism and Christianity.

Sophia is a truly inclusive name for the Divine Mystery that moves among creation and beyond.

And so the name SOPHIA was chosen.
The beautiful Sophia space is managed and staffed by volunteers, together with a part-time administrative assistant.

Sophia receives an annual subsidy from the Dominican Sisters, income from hiring and small donations from appreciative participants and organisations.

With no government support, Sophia has to rely on fundraising efforts.

So wherever possible, if you can contribute to the ongoing livelihood of Sophia, this will always be appreciated.

The Mandala Quilt above is the focal point
of the Conference Room and was a collaborative work
by many women depicting their hopes and dreams for the new millennium.

The Sophia Library

Young Woman

The Sophia Statement


We acknowledge that Sophia is on Kaurna Land to which
we have been welcomed by Aunty Cherie Watkins, Kaurna elder.

We also acknowledge that Sophia is the gift of the Dominican Sisters
to the community and we honour their vision and intent.

Sophia has grown from insights found in Christian feminist liberation
theologies and embraces all liberating spiritual traditions.
Feminist spiritualities honour right relationship with self,
others, the rest of nature and ultimate/intimate reality.

At Sophia we:

Provide a place inspired by feminist spiritualities where communal
ritual and spiritual life are nurtured.

Honour female experiences and provide women with space to discover
and express their truth, and opportunities to develop
and apply their potential.

Actively respond to the oppression and suffering of women,
children and men caused by patriarchal and capitalist structures
in religion and society.

Work towards a society where all persons have opportunities for
full development and where women and men live and work in equal
partnership and in harmonious relationship with the earth.

Foster a more compassionate world order
and the integrity of the earth by promoting social justice,
peace and human rights, particularly for women.

The fig tree

Water urns

Water lilies

Spiral garden

Working for Justice

At Sophia we work towards justice. These are some of the initiatives we support:


    Members of Sophia receive:
  • a hard copy of the annual Sophia Programme in January each year

  • discount of 10% on many Sophia events

  • borrowing rights at the Sophia Library

  • regular newsletters and updates about Sophia activities.

Annual Subscription: Single: $40, Concession: $30.

N.B. Donations are always welcome as Sophia is a voluntary organisation with no regular outside funding.

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Supporting Sophia

You can help support Sophia financially by giving:

  • One off gifts and donations

  • Regular donations eg. monthly

  • A bequest

  • Tax deductible donations to the Sophia Library Gift Fund

  • Gift Ideas and Gift Vouchers available for purchase from Sophia

  • Volunteering

Contact Us

Contact us to enquire about Sophia

225 Cross Road,
Cumberland Park,
Adelaide 5041
South Australia

(08) 8373 3781; Mob 0439 594 363

Office hours:

Tuesday to Friday, 10 am - 4 pm.